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Pick Your Situation Here:

  1. STARTING OUT.1 -- Learn These Considerations First Before You Pick Your Survivalist Gear

  2. STARTING OUT.2 -- Stockpile Water First

  3. If You Already Have A List For Emergency Supplies, And You Know What You Want

  4. Instant Preparedness: The Best Emergency Kit For Short-Term

  5. Instant Family Preparedness Long-Term

  6. Video - Self-Sufficiency

  7. EMP Electromagnetic Pulse and Nuclear Attack (Nuclear Onslaught)



As you investigate this web site, you are going to find answers to the following concerns:

1) Each type of emergency threat demands a different type of preparation.

For instance, if your house catches fire, because of earthquake, tornado, hurricane, bomb, or riot, then your food storage and emergency kits may be burnt up. Therefore, it is not enough just to purchase gear, but we must learn also the rules of fire-safety.



The concept, that I am trying to introduce to you, is that, for safety's sake, we have to be sure of the safety of our gear also. Learn how to protect your emergency supply.

2) We do not need to rush into the subject, and learn disaster preparedness for every possible disaster. The type of threat, that we need most to prepare for, depends upon where we abide.

The American southwest is a place where water will be a "fighting issue", if the pipes from the Colorado River lose their integrity.

We have enough sophistication to be able to foretell when and where the threat of earthquakes is the greatest.

Some places are logical targets for bombs. Both of them, earthquake zones and military targets, are places where fire is more of a threat. The emergency supply essentials for each of those places will differ, in some particulars.

3) If the disaster is big enough, then medical and police 911 services may be overladen, or the lines of communication may be destroyed, or the responders themselves may have died, they will not be able to rescue us.

Then must we be our own police and medical responders.

4) Freeze dried food lasts a long time, and is compact, if we have to travel. It can save time over "from scratch" preparation. But it hasn't the "life force" or the total nutrition of fresh food, that we need for maximum morale.

Freeze dried food is only for the most threatening times. We need survival food strategies for preparedness in "long run" as well, not just freeze dried emergency food. Emergency supplies of food may be differentiated into different categories, and that is a fact!

"Find Your Category " continued below the advertisements:

5) First aid kits are needed, but a lot of thought must be put into what goes into them. My scoutmaster, a marine, used to have us practice first aid once every month. There are skills involved.

Skills are involved also in the use of emergency kits. 72 hour emergency supply is their goal. I recommend having 2 survival kits - one that you never open, and a second one to practice your skills.

In fertile spots, food is everywhere, particularly wild plant food. Skills must be practiced, to identify the food, and to make it ready for you to eat it. In emergency is not the time to learn or to practice the skills.

Kits are great, but for survival, practice disaster skills before the disaster.

Folks I notice have taken a great concern to stash survival foods, but before we think about a meal, we have to become experts in getting water.



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Thermarest Populare Camping Mattress Image Of
                              Thermarest Camping Mattress


Don't wear yourself out carrying heavy gear,

Enjoy a good sleep on your Thermarest self-inflating camping mattress that takes up a small space,

...less than 6 inches by 21-30 inches, depending upon which width you get.

Thermarest makes also inflatable bearable pillows and back rests.

Click on the image, at your right hand, to find an array of Thermarest products!


Whatever you order, through this page,

goes to the benefit of the Tru U., and its supporters!




If you are looking for products, Disaster Supplies for your emergency preparedness, then you have come to the right source!

Your choice of Survival Supplies is going to depend upon where you live. Do you expect to be displaced, or do you expect to be able to stay put during and after an emergency?

The type of Emergency Preparedness Plan that you follow, your Survival Lists, and the materials, parts, and accessories, wherewith you supply yourself, are going to vary according to where you live, and whether or not you will be able to keep hold of your land.

In either case, your Survival Items are going to include Survival Foods, flashlight, and First Aid Information.

If you expect to be itinerant, or on the lam, then you may need not much more than 2 72 Hour Kits, one to practice your survival skills, and one to keep unopened until the needed day arrives. Plus you will of course need to practice your knowledge of first aid long before it will be needed.

If you are going to hold on to your land, then you may be foreced to become a supplier for some of your neighbors, or for displaced folk who happen to pass through your territory.

That puts a different slant on things for you, because the store's not going to be able to supply those folks with their needs any more. You may actually be forced to become the next store. Thus, the topic, of "emergency food storage" may require, of you, more attention than you erst thought.

You may want to consider a solar panel strategy, a solar water heater, photovoltaic solar power, solar energy, and solar electric. I am in the process of making up reviews for you, of every solar possibility, including suppliers.

There is also a lot of hand crank technology available, that may be worthy of your consideration.

If things get too bad where you are located, just thank God that you are not on Survival Island! Survial gear, on that place, may be hard, to be obtained.

72 Hour Survival Kit!


Instant Preparedness!

The image, on your right is the celebrated

Executive 72-Hour Emergency Kit,

that was recommended on CNN.

Click on the image, to learn more about it.



Image Of
                        Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak


All Your Family SAFETY & NUTRITION Needs

In One Place!


Why drag out and spend hours in study about survivalist gear, when Nitro Pak has already done all the thinking for you?

It is a reliable company. Here are some, of your benefits:

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  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Full Refund!

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Do You Already Know What Survivalist Gear You Want?

If you already possess your list of survivalist gear, that you are shopping for, then I recommend this site, linked to the image, below. It is extremely reputable and has complete selections, but also:

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with full refund.

  • You get free shipping in USA.

So if you already have your list, go ahead and click on the image below. But if you need some ideas about what should be on your list, then click the link "Survival List" in the navigation column, upper left of this page.


Emergency Foods



The Solitary Hero Syndrome

We do not need to learn how to be a solitary hero.

The foe has used psychological warfare techniques to make a role model of the "star player". Do I have to list hundreds and hundreds of movies and tv shows to prove this to you? One example is John Connor of the Terminator series. But the theme is repeated over and over.

Many have been sent to lockups or even killed because, in their naif youth, they absorbed, in their minds, the solitary hero mystique from the psywar media. However, the power is in the group of godly folk.

The power is in God and comes out through the group. Psywar media show ungodliness and solitary heros as role models. That is not for us.

We need to learn how to organize, how to be organized, and how to attend to our families, and to be obedient to God. First item on our survival lists should be to work as a team. Emergency Survival.



EMP Electromagnetic Pulse and

Nuclear Attack (Nuclear Onslaught)

There is not goin to be any EMP and there is not goin to be any nuclear onslaught.  Be at rest and attend to other matters.

Add An Anti-Gravity Vehicle To

Your Survival Lists!

If That Sounds Crazy To You, Then

You Are Not Thinking Big Enough!

First place, you know there are already "black ops" budgeted "flyin saucers", right? If you don't know it yet, then please leave this website, and do some research about the subject. When you get enough knowledge to realize that "they" (I don't mean e.t.'s) already have them, then come back.

I am talkin about team-building. I know you are here to get "survival lists", but that is what I am talking about. I just want you to think bigger, that's all!

There has been another team, who got a monopoly on law, law "enforcement", and advanced technology. They have been called the "high-degree" masons, or the illuminati -- they all have belonged to so many organizations that it is hard to pick a single name.

It has been a network, anyhow, but what they all have had in common is that the top ranks have voluntarily given themselves over to bein run by devils.

So what is the idea here, it is to build a more influential team than theirs is. Since they couldn't build their own team (it was built by devils controlling the men's minds and bodies), by the same principle, we can't build OUR own team either. It has to be built by giving ourselves over to being run by God.

Jesus was our ensample, when he said "O my Father... not as I will, but as thou [wilt]". In other words, he was saying, "take me over".

How we do that is by obedience to God. Now, of course, before you can obey, you have to know what your orders are, am I wrong about it?

This Videoscope Explains One Kind of Anti-Gravital Machine:

This Videoscope Describes Another:

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