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The Solitary Hero Syndrome


We do not need to learn how to be a solitary hero.


The foe has used psychological warfare techniques to make a role model of the "star player".

Do I have to list hundreds and hundreds of movies and tv shows to prove this to you? One example is John Connor of the Terminator series. But the theme is repeated over and over.

Many have been sent to lockups or even killed because, in their naif youth, they absorbed, in their minds, the solitary hero mystique from the psywar media. However, the power is in the group of godly folk.

The power is in God and comes out through the group. Psywar media show ungodliness and solitary heros as role models.

That is not for us. We need to learn how to organize, how to be organized, and how to attend to our families, and to be obedient to God. First item on our survival lists should be to work as a team. Emergency Survival








Add An Anti-Gravity Vehicle To

Your Survival Lists!

If That Sounds Crazy To You, Then

You Are Not Thinkin Big Enough!

First place, you know there are already "black ops" budgeted "flyin saucers", right? If you don't know it yet, then please leave this website, and do some research about the subject. When you get enough knowledge to realize that "they" (I don't mean e.t.'s) already have them, then come back.

I am talkin about team-buildin. I know you are here to get "survival lists", but that is what I am talkin about. I just want you to think bigger, that's all!

There has been another team, who got a monopoly on law, law "enforcement", and advanced technology. They have been called the "high-degree" masons, or the illuminati -- they all have belonged to so many organizations that it is hard to pick a single name.

It has been a network, anyhow, but what they all have had in common is that the top ranks have voluntarily given themselves over to bein run by devils.

So what is the idea here, it is to build a more influential team than theirs is. Since they couldn't build their own team (it was built by devils controllin the men's minds and bodies), then, by the same principle, we can't build OUR own team either. It has to be built by givin ourselves over to bein run by God.

Jesus was our ensample, when he said "O my Father... not as I will, but as thou [wilt]". In other words, he was sayin, "take me over".

How we do that is by obedience to God. Now, of course, before you can obey, you have to know what your orders are, am I wron about it?

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