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Get Water First

The most urgent demand is gettin water.


That Which You'll Need To Get Secondly And Thirdly

The second changes by whether your climate is on the extremes. If it is, then next comes shelter, and afterward eats.

In a moderate climate, nutriment is after water, and afterward shelter. These notions function whether you're still or itinerant, group-oriented or asocial.


Next Check If You Are Tribal, Or Asocial

How do you imagine yourself in the survival time, that you are supplyin yourself for? Are you with your family? Are you with a team of broods, or even workin together with a neighborhood?

Or do you picture yourself by yourself, and hidin from oppressive groups?

If you picture yourself, or your household, or your modestly sized group as bein alone and wanderin, then I counsel that you raise up, in yourself, more of a feeling of relatin to other people more, and a greater amount of faith.

Somebody, of one of the nations of strangers, found sojourning in our continent when we came in this continent, quoth "A man without tribe is crazy."

Says prophecy, folks will be, who will have no luck, no salvation, who are scheduled to vanish because of their rebellion. My rede to you is not to associate with those creatures, neither to be the same as them, as an individual.


Revelation 11

18 "...your wrath is come...that thou shouldest give reward unto your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth."

Now let's see whether you are to be damned or saved.

Are you 1 who is prophesied to be destroyed? Even individual members, of the condemned groups, have the potential not to be destroyed, as the following passage proves.

Genesis 4

6 "And Elohim said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?

7 "If you doest well, shalt thou not be accepted?"


(more below)



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Followin are some, of the situations of survivalist gear. Our thinkin can pile on related kinds into the inventory, in their appropriate places.


Vagabond -- Not Havin Any Lon Term Stockpile

As part, of your survivalist gear, you might have conveyances, such as SUV's, boats, or airplanes, or you possibly would be afoot.

In this condition, you have to have practiced skills, to make fire, build shelter, capture animals for food, forage for wild plant food, get water, and other skills. I said rehearsed skills, not merely abilities that you studied with books or videos.

1) Solo and itinerant with only those items you bear in your pockets

2) By yourself and itinerant with a 72-hour kit. The 72-hour kit is designed for quickly-over survival states.

It will be of use to you, if you would be wanderin, however 'tis actually intended for a condition when you'll return to regular conditions soon, alternatively you hook up with a kind of agency or institution that helps victims of any disaster.

3) Solo and travellin about with a bug-out bag. Having the bug-out bag you could have your tent on your back, therefore the improvisation of shelter isn't an ability that you will have to have developed in this situation.

4) Wandering with brood or little group (12 or less). Each fellow of your group perhaps has increased stuff, and need fewer abilities.

At Your Home

You will have food and water stashed, otherwise your group will keep them stashed, or both.

A variety of electrical and heat acquisition, such as geothermal power, Tesla power, wind power, or solar power will have been put in place by you, or by your group, or both.

5) By yourself in your station.

6) With a brood in your fixed abode.

7) With a little cooperative of homeowners -- Work on relationships with near neighbors, and find out who is willing to develop preparedness with you, and to work on abilities.

8) Belongin to a locality, acting in concert -- Like to the above, except that one gets the parish or county or municipal or township institutions to help, or else create an ilk of neighborhood movement that is independent of any agency.

9) Part of a kindred, accompishin thins in a choreographed manner, coordinated by a headman -- This is the kind of leader that evolves by havin family reunions on a large scale, for a good deal of years.

10) Puttin yourself under a mass leader (also called a "folkdom") -- Be aware, that those who are named "national" leaders in the mass media are actually more like infiltrators and enemies.

I intend you to know, that you be led by a true folk bigshot, a person that is not your captor neither your overseer.

These don't really exist, or, rather they do exist, but the masses have become so distracted, by the celebs and talking heads, that they have tolerated "bosses" in the place of authentic sincere leaders.

If celebrities are "seen on the screen", they aren't true.



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