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Here Is What You Will Discover, ON THIS PAGE:

PART 1: Get Stuff From Grocery Stores

  1. Part 1: Overview

  2. The Free Food-Planning Software

  3. Way 1 To Use The Software

  4. Way 2 To use the Software

  5. Shelf-Life

  6. Adding items

  7. Specialty Items

  8. Prolonging Shelf-Life

  9. Printing The Spreadsheet


PART 2: LDS Mormon Food Storage

PART 3: When You Rotate Your Food




The truly first step, in your disaster preparedness food storage program, I recommend that you begin with the Mormon system. Click the link and you will find that I have explained it truly well for you. I think you will like it!

Be sure to bookmark this page, that you are now on,, first, and come back to it, after you study the Mormon page.

Holly Deyo has given to me permission to give to you the free food storage software described and linked below.

Before you click the links, bookmark this page, that you are on, and come back to read the directions here.


The Deyo Food Planning software features over 300 household and food things listed, also space for additional items more things. ...we have made a software to help. We favor it so much that it is shared here for your use! And it's FREE !



The Deyo Food Storage Planning software can be used in Excel with Windows or Mac operating systems. The spreadsheet and easy for you to use. To open the program, you will need also the need Unzip and the program's latest update.



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Mountain House--The #1 Backpacking Food!


Otherwise, Open Office's spreadsheet program might work too. I haven't tried it. A Deyo Food Storage Planning software user said 'tis wholly compatible, moreover 'tis FREE software.

The only requirement of you is putting the amount of your family members in, also the length of time you will store; and the software will calculate the amounts needed.

See, also the Minimum Shelf Life given for each item. Click US Measures to use in Beulah Land, aka USA. For people subject to "metric" click, Metric Measures version.

Copyrighted are they, but nonetheless freeware. How to use them is explained below.

Here's how you might use the Deyo Food Storage Planning software:


WAY 1 (To use the free Deyo software, above)

For foods near the start, use the Select Amount. of each category and input the sum of every food to achieve sums suggested. For this way, multiply the Adult Portions (B528) by the proposed sum of lbs or kgs needed as in lines 5, 16, 29, 38, 59 and so on.

For instance, in "Metric", input 5 Adult Portions of Salt, multiply 5 x 1/2kg = 2.5kg Salt to save for six months. To figure tallies for 1 year, multiply the suggested 2.5kg amount by 2 to = 5kgs.

For just three months storage, divide the recommended amount to select for every category by half. For three months, the saved tally is 5 x 1/4 kg or 1-1/4kg.

For Imperial, if 5 Adult Portions of Salt are required, multiply 5 x 1 lbs = 5 lbs Salt for 6 months. To calculate this supply for one year, multiply the total by two and the result is ten lbs. For only 3 months, divide the suggested amount to select for each category in half. For Salt it would equal 2.5 pounds.

For whatever length you want to save, scroll to Column "B", Line 528 and input the number weeks. This will unbidden change the formulas to your desired planning time.

WAY 2 (To use the free Deyo software, above)

You can use the suggested tallies of Adults Shares found in Column L used to reckon the Target Amount in column C.

To use either way, scroll down to B515 and fill in the number of family members for each lines 515 - 520. The number of Adult Shares needed will unbidden be reckoned for the suggested Target Amount in Column C.

As you add to your stored supplies, fill in the tallies in Column D, Quantity On Hand. The worksheet will unbidden fill in the quantities still needed in Column E, Amount Needed.

If you desire to keep track of how much money you're spending, then put in the cost per item in Column F, Unit Cost . The worksheet will unbidden extend the cost in Column G. This makes for good motivation for rotating foods ere they expire!

White Paper Offer Image



For most products, Column H (in the free Deyo software, above) will list the advised Minimum Shelf Life. Many foodstuffs have marked the expiration time smack on the package. For those that don't, you can keep track on this sheet when you buy items by using Columns I, J or K.

For things not inscribed with an expiration time, be sure to write on the product with a permanent marker the time when you bought it.

The last column, L, is where you can change the suggested weekly amount for an Adult Share. For instance, if your family wants to keep more string beans, change the Adult Share in L87 to the quantity that you all want.

This worksheet's food group lore is based on the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) recommended amounts. However any amount can be reckoned up or down to fit personal needs, budget or taste. These are suggestions only.



Adding extra things to the Deyo Food Planning software is truly simple in Excel, but for your ease, each category has 2 lines already inserted so you can add items.

Recommended amounts have been adjusted a mite, so as to help us to be ready, for unforeseen hap. If funds are at hand, it is worthwile to have more than less. Excess stored items are good for for bartering. Rotating such foods, to your everyday menu, means nothing ever goes to waste.



A few thinsg, such as traps for rodentiae, are not reckoned by the Adult Share formula but on a per week use. Change these amounts to fit. For gender-specific items like sanitary napkins, ato. (and the others), you have to fill in the totals because the spreadsheet will distinguish between gender except in food requirements.

Deyo Food Planning software lists everything needed but water. For more goods to stock, please look to Survival Supplies and First Aid Information. These goods, too, you may add to this worksheet to keep track of stocks.



Stowage life is incredibly enlarged by hermetically sealing foods. It's simple to do, with simple directions. Storing foods at consistently low temps, in low humidity, and away from the light, and leaving packaging closed from the time you buy to the time you eat, lengthens shelf life too.

A lot of foods can be healthily eaten after they are listed as expired if the container is whole, and if they aren't in rusting or bulging cans. However, using foods before they expire will give you the best nutritional quality and taste.

After returning from the market, these things remain in the grocery bags, until after the dates that they expire have been written, on them, by you.

This is so it actually gets done. Putting them in the cabinet or electric cooler to take them out again doesn't sway me to do it. But if I see a mess in a part of my house, I'm more tempted. It takes a few minutes and I save money by not letting the food go bad.


PRINTING THESE SHEETS (The Deyo Output Spreadsheet, Above)

For a printed copy, use the Landscape setting. Make sure to choose the option for black ink or you can save the page as a text file. The sheet is clearer to read in color ink.



I personally recommend that you begin your storage of food with the Mormon program given on the linked page.

Here is the Mormon emergency food storage system, that the leadership of the Mormon church has mandated long term food storage for all who have chosen to be part of the Mormon system. I give to you all the details, that I found, in a this page: LDS Food Storage - Mormon Food Storage.

The Mormon system has stores, which sell the supplies needed for storage of food. Basically, they recommend to begin small, by storing a 3-month supply of food, water, and money.

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You are going to like this. Part, of rotating your food, is to eat the older food, and to replace it with new food.

This is not so bad, if you use it in a recipe, with 4/5 fresh food combined with 1/5 storage food. Then, whomever you are cooking for, will not notice much difference from the hundred percent fresh recipe.

Here is a link, for you, to the most famous and respected company, that provides emergency food for long term storage.  It is mostly freeze dried food, so it has a long shelf life for your needs.  I suggest, that you get some.  When you order more than $100, your shipping is FREE!

Mountain House--The #1 Backpacking Food!

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