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1. Definition & Lore About MRE Meals

2. Ingredients & Menus in MRE Meals

3. Thoughts For The Experienced Military Man



Definition, If You Don't Already Know -- MRE stands for "Meal, Ready-to Eat" which is the US military way of naming something so it doesn't get alphabetized under "R", as "Ready-to-Eat Meal".

Of course, the meal is not going to eat anything, so it should be named "Meal, Ready-to-Be-Eaten".

The meals are made for the US military by private makers, and have a variety of foods, packed in an indestructible non-reflective metal container.

MRE's that you can buy are only superficially different from those sold to the military, mainly in the packaging and the spoon.

It has become harder and harder to get authentic US military surplus MRE meals. You may have to find a substitute.

MREs are not freeze dry food. Emergency food storage lasts longer with freeze dry food, but mre's are made to be more nutritious, and, in some cases, better tasting, than freeze dry.

An mre meal makes a good survival food or emergency food. If you keep them in your survival kits, it is advisable for you to consume them and replace them every 3-4 years. If the food's storage temperature is above 75 degrees fahrenheit, then take your mre ration out, eat it and replace it more often, say 2-3 years.

If the storage temperature is closer to 60, then the survival food storage time can be lengthened, even up to as much as 10 years, if the temperature is truly low. Remember, we are talkin about the risk of serious diseases, such as dysintery, so you might want to be careful here.






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Here is a list of what you are apt to find in MRE menus:

Main course -- recipes like beef steak, chicken & noodles, turkey breast, meatloaf, chicken & noodles, turkey tetrazinni, Veggie Burger, Clam Chowder, Egg Omlette, Western Beans etc.

Side dish like fruit, rice, soup or potatoes

Some type of dessert, snack food, or candy

Crackers or bread, with a spread of cheese , peanut butter , or jelly

Powdered drink mix: fruit flavored drink, cocoa, coffee or tea , sport drink , or dairy shake.

Utensils (usually just a plastic spoon )

Flameless ration heater (FRH)

Accessory pack:

Xylitol chewing gum

Water-resistant matches

Napkin / toilet paper

Moist towelette

Seasonings, including salt , pepper , sugar , creamer , and/or Tabasco sauce

Many items are fortified with nutrients

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are all available.

One man said that you can stand the mre's flavor, only if you heat them up, and add your own seasoning or sauce to them. Each mre meal, said he, requires a different sauce or seasoning, from the others. He recommends that you eat none of them while cold.

Thoughts For The Experienced Military Man

Here I want to give to you some considerations, if you wish to be thoughtful in your choice of rations or survival foods, or emergency food.

Thought 1 -- Some needed vitamins and other nutrients are destroyed by cooking, or leached by food processing ways.

Thought 2 -- Military folks, such as yourself, have til now shown a tendency to be clueless about nutrition. They feel that as long as they are able to work, they are o.k.. However, with a lack of variety, and a lack of raw vegetables and fruits, organs can be degenerating, corroding, as it were, and you might not know it until it has reached the emergency stage.

Thought 3 -- DoD says it is a must, when you are thriving on MRE's, to have fresh meals or A-rations whenever possible. That means if it is possible to stash the MRE for another day, do it.


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