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Teepee Fire  In a Wet Pine Forest



Tinder is dry stuff with tiny fibers. The first step, in burnin, is to apply flame or spark to tinder.

Tinder is not kindlin. Kindlin is bigger than tinder. Some folks call tinder "kindlin". That messes it up for the more thoughtful folks, such as we are.

To see how to make a bundle of tinder, watch the video above.

Here are the names, of some substances, that we might use for our tinder:

bark of (if damp put next to your body to dry it)

cedar - shave with knife, or pluck. rub between hands to separate fibers.


dried moss

cattail's fluff

any foliage (not foilage) that crumbles in your hand

flower tops from dead dry herbs

lint from a clothes's dryer

milkweed fall fluff from pods, dried by you ahead of time

sap, pitch, or resin oozin or oozed out of evergreen tree's bark

sycamore's seeds

thistle's fluff





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How To Make A Tinder's Bundle




If you are lookin for Home & Backyard Fire Pits, click on the right-hand image now.

The video below is about CAMPING & SURVIVAL fire pits.

Book How To Make Fire Pits



Make A Fire Without Matches

Build A Fire Without Matches

How To Find Flint


Fire From Flint And Chert


Fire From Flint, Steel, And Charred Cloth


Fire From Flint & Steel On A Wet Day


Fire From Sun And Metal


Fire From A Lens

This Can Be Done With Eyeglasses,

Bottom Of A Broken Bottle, And The Others


Fire From Steel Wool And A Battery


Fire From Ice


Fire With No Matches, No Wood



Be sure to read the comments.



Fire starters are made most often with either cotton's balls, or else with lint from a clothes's dryer.

The balls of cotton are either rubbed with vaseline, or else immersed in melted vaseline or paraffin. Heat must be extremely low. I was thinkin, that vaseline might melt in a jar in the sun, the way that sun's tea has been made. Try fillin a jar with balls of cotton, then puttin vaseline atop them, and puttin the jar into the sun's shinin.

Cotton balls can be carried in old plastic film bottles, or what you call them. Film holders, jars, whatever. Many fire starters can fit into one canister, or can.

You know, the little plastic film jars that fit into the palm, of your hand. One name is as valid, as another, though possibly less familiar. Familiarity and validity do not go hand-in-hand, where language is concerned.

To make a fire starter from the lint, from a clothes's dryer, one usually puts a wad of lint into each compartment of a cardboard eggs' carton, then fills the compartment until a bit of lint is still free at the top. 4-6 cells are cut out from the carton, to make one fire starter.

I do not like to use petroleum derivatives, and much prefer a fire starter, that does not use them. Here is one alternative:

Tape one end of a spent cardboard toilet paper tube. Fill it with lint, & tape the other end. There is your fire starter.

I much prefer just to use a "bird's nest" tinder bundle.



Watch out, he gets confused between tinder and kindlin. Kindlin would be paper or small sticks and twigs. Tinder is tiny filaments.


Fire in a Wet Pines' Forest


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