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    6. Emergency Water Storage


    1. Hunting Clothing, Camo, Ghillie Suit

    2. Hunting Binoculars

    3. Light Candles

    4. Best Emergency Flashlight

    5. Solar Powered Gear

    6. Mylar Emergency Space Blanket



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Image Of Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak

Why drag out and spend hours in study about survivalist gear, when Nitro Pak has already done all the thinkin for you?

It is a reliable company. Here are some, of your benefits:

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed!

  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Full Refund!

  • Free Shippin Over 100 Dollars!


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Survivalist gear and emergency supplies!!

The First Thin You Need Is EMERGENCY WATER

- Click The Image And Get Your FEMA Approved

EMERGENCY WATER CONTAINERS, 5 Gallons And Upward!  Click The Image Now:

Click Here Now For Your Water Storage Barrel






White Paper Offer Image




  1. Ghillie Suit

  2. Hunting Gaiters



Click on the image, and you will be taken to a full array of camo hunting clothing and gear.


The new page will look like this: Image Of Amazon PageImage of Camo Hunting Suit
















Click on the image, and you will be taken to an array of ghillie suits.


The new page will look like this: Image Of Amazon PageImage Of Ghillie Suit











Protect Yourself from Snake Bites. Stops Cactus, Thorn, & Briar, Too. Stay Warm and Dry on the Mountains & Trails

You have to be very careful linin up the velcro closure

Click on the image, and you will be taken to an array of hunting gaiters.


The new page will look like this: Image Of Amazon Page


Image of Hunting Gaiter














A good pair of hunting binoculars must have a good focus and a comfortable hold. Binoculars for looking, for game, are used in tough conditions and they must be waterpfoof and rugged. The binocular’s vision power should be high as in searching, after game, you must be able to see your goal obviously.

As hunting requires finding and tracking wild life that is very fast, highly cautious and hidden, the hunting binoculars need to have a wider objective lens.

When you are hunting in early morning or in twilight you need as much light as possible to enter your lens otherwise your efforts are a waste so it is better to choose a binocular with wider lens. A larger objective lens means a bigger field of view and a bigger exit pupil.

But in a game binocular higher magnification is only secondary to light and field of view, so it is better to choose a binocular with large objective lens and less magnification.

As searching, after game, requires a lot of foot journey and hauling your gear, hunters prefer a light weight and smaller sized hunting binoculars. Experienced field and wood hunters prefer to choose a 8x42 which offers good light and magnification. The mtn or the wide open terrain hunter prefers a 9x35 or 10x42.

You can find a wide range of hunting binoculars in different brands and several price ranges.


Simmons Prosport Compact BinocularImage Of Simmons Prosport Compact Binoculars

These binoculars are compact and reliable. They give a crystal clear view with the help of the BK7 roof prism glass and the wholely coated lenses. They weigh only 7.3 oz and very easy to carry and use.

They are good for spotting large game. Their price range is from $14.99-$19.99.

Click on the image, on your right, and you will learn about gettin your own pair of

SIMMONS Prosport Compact Binoculars!



Bushnell 8x42mm h2o Proof and Fog Proof Roof Prism BinocularsImage Of Bushnell 8x42 Waterproof Fogproof Binoculars

They are produced with a multi-coated optics for excellent light vision. They are fitted with O-ring seals and nitrogen-purging which makes them fog-proof. exact and easy adjustments can be made with the center focus knob.

The non-slip rubber armor offers you a firm grip on the binocular and they are also shock resistant. The BAK-4 roof prisms supply a bright, clear and crisp view.

They are compact and fitted with good quality lenses. They have a strong construction and they are easy to use with your glasses. The price of this binocular is ~$78.

Click on the image, above right, and you will learn about gettin your own pair of

BUSHNELL Waterproof and Fog Proof Roof Prism Binoculars!


Canon image Stabilizer BinocularImage Of Canon Image Stabilizer Binocular

High magnification hunting binoculars have a common shake but this particular binocular which is based mostly on the optical excellence of Canon EF camera lenses, has completely eliminated the shake.

Even when seeing from a boat or a moving vehicle the image is very clear and steady.

This 8x25 compact model is the planet’s smallest picture stabilizing binocular. The chromatic aberrations are minimized by the excessively Low Dispersion Glass. They have a water resistant rubberized covering and their price is $400-$2,000.

Click on the image, on your right, and you will learn about gettin your own pair of

CANON Image Stabilizer Binoculars!


Nikon Premier BinocularsImage Of Nikon Premier Binoculars

These are one of the most highly acclaimed optics in the planet and they are engineered to produce supreme performance even in intense conditions.

For improved resolution their Metalic coated prisms are coated with phase-correction and the lenses are multi coated to supply bright and clear pictures.

The Field-Flattener Lens System is an exclusive quality of the Nikon binoculars and they produce a crystal clear edge to edge viewing.

The magnesium alloy body makes it very light weight and the rubber covering acts as a good shock proof.

They have O-ring seals and filled with nitrogen to make them h2o proof and fog proof. The variable eye cups make them less complicated to be used with eye –glasses.

The price of this Nikon binocular is $380-$2,000.

Click on the image, above right, and you will learn about gettin your own pair of

NIKON Premier Binoculars!


Swarovski EL Swarovision BinocularImage Of Swarovski EL Swarovision Binoculars

These binoculars attribute the Swarovison engineering which is a mix of Fluoride HD optics, field flatter lenses and large eye relief. This technological innovation ensures a full view of the field and the view is total even for eye glass wearers.

The fast and exact focusing is made possible by the new focusing mechanism. The eye cups can be eliminated or adjusted to three stages.

You can see a very bright image even at dusk. The swaroclean coating on the exterior of the lens makes cleansing easier. The price of these hunting binoculars is $2,429.99-$2,699.99.

Click on the image, on your right, and you will learn about gettin your own pair of

SWAROVSKI EL Swarovision Binoculars!



You can select hunting binoculars that fulfill yourneeds as all the binoculars serve their objective.


LIGHT CANDLESImage Of Candle Lantern

Emergency candles are not usually listed in bug-out kits or wilderness survival kits, though they might be useful, nevertheless. You can get a collapsible lantern to keep off of them the wind and the rain.

The weight, bulk, and life of the candles and lantern, together, may compare favorably with those of an electric torch, flashlight, or lantern, used for the same purpose. Bring extra matches, for you will not need matches to light an electrical device, but you will need them to light a candle. Unless you light it from your campfire.

Generally, light candles are thought of as the emergency preparedness candle for home use during a failure of electrical supply to a home, during a disaster.

Click on the image, on your right, and you will learn about gettin your own pair of

Light Candles And Lantern!



You don't necessarily want a bright flashlight. If hiding and secrecy are needed, then a red lense or a red light, just bright enough for you to see a few feet, may be what you need.

For other uses, a bright LED flashlight or mini flashlight might be what would best help you, if you are in a wandering way, not at home.

Find yourself a good collection of flashlights, for various purposes, clicque this lincque now:



Surefire Flashlight Is An Expensive, But Worth-It Tool That Won't Let You Down!Image Of Surefire Flashlight

Here is what one user had to say about his Surefire flashlight:

SureFire E2D LED Defender Dual-Output LED (200 Lumens) I bought my E2D LED Defender about 3 years ago while I was in Iraq.

I needed a second light in addition to the tac-light on my weapon (SureFire Scout Lite M900...highly recommended as well). Few notes below:

Durable: The LED feature sold me. Far more durable than the regular bulbs. There is a great lens on this light. Very thick and does a great job focusin the light.

Also, I don't know if this is a specified feature, but my light spent over a day wallowin in diesel fuel (almost completely submerged). I cleaned the light with non-corrosive oil and that was it...still lightin up the night.

Shock Proof: I have no idea how many times I dropped this with no bad effect to the light. This light was on me durin a dismounted patrol when we were hit with an enemy fragmentation grenade.

It blew out four of our tac-lights on our weapons, but I had my E2D as back up to help in clearin the whereabouts. The light was clipped to my belt on the side of the blast, so it was even more exposed than my weapon light. Could we file this under 'lifesaver'?

Battery life: Dual output feature is great. I sort of overlooked this feature when I purchased it. Havin a high output and low output is an excellent ability for the user. High output is great for outdoor use and temporary blinding.

Low output is ideal for indoor use when you don't want to compromise your natural night seein.

Defender Bezel: Another feature I overlooked. I never used it in a 'defensive' manner, but it contributes to the durability. Droppin the light lens first, countless times, has done nothin to the light.

Additionally, this bezel is great for breakin windows (non-ballistic of course).

Occassionally breakin a window on a local national's wagon/home is mission essential (extractin people from vehicle accidents, gettin access to the vic/house without usin a known entry point, or many other reasons). Hot knife through butter.

So far my light has spent 10 months in Iraq, 13 months state-side in trainin areas, and 5 months (and goin) in Afghanistan. Initially, I was apprehensive about payin $180 for a backup light.

Knowin what I know now, I would have paid twice the askin price. This is one of those thins that is an essential part of my kit and I will own one for the rest of my life. Should this one ever fail...doubtful...I will surely buy another one.

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

SUREFIRE Flashlight!


Pelican Flashlight - Top-of-the-line Pelican flashlights put out an exceedinly bright light. The company producesImage Of Pelican Flashlight also less expensive flashlights. Here is what one policeman had to tell, about his Pelican flashlight:

I have been usin the Pelican 7060 flashlight while on-duty for the past week and have been thoroughly impressed therewith.

Just about every time I use this flashlight on traffic stoppins, to clear houses, and to search wooded whereabouts for suspects, fellow officers make positive comments about how bright the light is. In fact, I'm surprised they haven't drained the battery, because everyone wants to compare this light with his.

I've been usin the Blackhawk NightOps Gladius flashlight for the past year, but the Pelican 7060 appears to be far superior for the followin reasons:

1. The 7060 is less expensive.

2. The light output of the 7060 is nearly twice as bright as the Gladius (80 lumens vs 130 lumens). The 7060 has always proved to be significantly brighter durin side-by-side comparisons with other officers' flashlights.

3. The 7060 has never turned on unless I want it to turn on. The Gladius' lockout feature easily unlocks and the light turns on while it's in the holster. This drains the Gladius' non-rechargeable batteries (CR123), which have cost me approximately $10-$20/month to replace.

The 7060 is rechargeable, which will save me at least one hundred dollars each year. Although I bought rechargeable batteries for the Gladius, they did not work rightly and they damaged the circuitry in the Gladius (which Blackhawk generously repaired for free).

4. While I have not bought a holster for the 7060 yet (the holster that was included is not leather and does not fit on my duty belt), the Gladius often falls out of its holster when I get in and out of the patrollin wagon.

Durin a burglary callin a few months ago, I jumped out of the wagon and began chasin the doer into a very dark whereabouts behind a vacant house.

When I reached for my Gladius, it wasn't there. I had to stop the chasin and return to the patrol car; which threatened my safety, the safety of fellow officers, and, while we got back the stolen items he was bearin, the doer escaped.

When I went back to my wagon, I was sure that my Gladius would be on the ground next to the car, but it wasn't. I looked around and saw three homeless crack heads sittin on a wall about 20 yards from my car.

I'm not sure how I looked at them, but one of them reached into his bag, pulled out my Gladius, and said, "Here it is officer. I found it on the ground". That was just one of many times that I almost lost the Gladius as a result of the poor design of the holster.

5. The 7060 supplies two on/off switches. One is on the end, which I have found useful while holdin the light under my weapon or above my head, and the other switch is on the side, which I have found useful while holdin the light out to the side and below the waist. The Gladius has one button on the end of the light.

On the other hand...

The Gladius does have the Strobe feature, which is one of the reasons I bought it; however, I have never used the Strobe in the field.

Bottom line, the 7060 will be my foremost light and the Gladius will be my backup (but I'll need to find a different holster before I lose it).

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

PELICAN Flashlight!


Radio Flashlight - This is a radio-waves' receiver, and a flashlight, in one case, or housin. I would recommend these forImage Of Radio Flashlight short-term emergency use, not for extended use. They are not heavy-duty. For instance, in a few days' emergency, they are totally handy, but not to be used for extended readin light.

Generally they have other features, such as ability to charge cell phones, and hand-cranked chargin, and, sometimes solar cells for chargin.

Here are reviews of 2 selections, to give, to you, a notion of what the array of products, that you have to choose from, offers, and what it doesn't offer, plus some great tips:

Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Emergency Flashlight, Radio, & Cell Phone Charger I bought one for emergencies, to have in case of blackout or earthquake. I was hopin the light would be bright enough so I could use it to pass the time by readin.

Even at full charge it's not that bright, and after about 2 hours, the light drops off drastically. The radio only picks up the most powerful stations.

Don't lose the box!!!!! It features important operatin instructions like


These thins are prettily important because they either drain the battery or wreck it. This is essential operatin lore.

I used a Sharpie to write these instructions on the bottom of the lantern. It's not pretty, but at least I don't have to keep the box handy and I don't have to worry about wreckin the thin because I forgot the instructions.

Kaito KA404 Emergency Hand Crank Dynamo 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM radio I loved this little device! I'm a baseball fan and used this on nearly a daily basis, since April, carryin it from room to room in the evenins.

I'd wind up my radio, pull up a chair and let the scene unfold before me as told though the poetic musins of Vin Scully and his beloved Dodgers, each broadcast the elocutionary equivalent of a Norman Rockwell masterpiece.

Last night, after 4 months of solid use, the plastic handle of the chargin crank snapped right off. I wasn't turnin the crank particularly hard.

I don't suppose this device was engineered for as regular use as I put it through. It's probably perfect as a storeaway for emergenices type use. In any case It's cheap enough that I won't hesitate in buyin another.

One other small reservation, and again it would only seem to be an issue in the case of heavy use: The plastic body casin seemed to regularly buckle ever so slightly durin crankin, so much so that I figured the case might eventually crack open due to wear before anythin else would go wron.

Also when grippin the unit for crankin it's hard not to mash (and turn) the controllin dials durin the deed of crankin. On my unit the light switch seems to be spring laden and is switched and locks itself into the on and off positions.

It was very common for the light to be activated due to incidental squeezin pressure durin crankin, then the switch failin to 'catch' when the button was pressed to turn off, leavin the light stuck on 'on', only turnin off finally after multiple forceful pressins.

Again I never expected to enjoy this little gadget as much as I did. As a child, I heard another L.A. radio icon, who opened each showin with his signature's schtick: "Wind up your radios boys and girls...!". I never had a wind up radio until now.

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

RADIO Flashlight!


Hand Crank Flashlight - Recharge them by crankin with your hand. These are for standby use, for short-time emergencies. They are not heavy duty. Many, Image Of Hand Crank Flashlightof them have other features, such as radio, or cell phone charger.



Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

HAND CRANK Flashlight!





Inova Light - Inova makes basically 2 kinds of flashlight. One is the microlight, which is tiny and either is clipped to your belt or attached to your keychain. The other is the LED flashlight. Both are depicted here. And here are some user reviews, for your education:

Inova Microlight "I use several of these keychain microlights, white and green. the green works well Image Of Inova Microlightat night outdoors, addin dimension to the light which the white does not provide in darkness where walkin paths are uneven. the white works great everywhere and anytime.

"Uses common battery and last a long time (well over a year) Even the metal clips have many uses well after light wears out (the plastic loop that holds the clip does wear out after a few years of daily use on a key ring)."

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

INOVA Microlight!


Inova BB-UV Ultraviolet Microlight with Clip I really like this mini UV light. It fits on my key chain perfectly. It is made very well, and is quite bright for only one UV bulb.

It comes in really handily when I go to see a movie, so I can check the seat in the theatre for any unusual stains that I would not want to sit in. It also provides enough light in dimly lit restaurants to check the seats for unusual stains before I sit there as well.

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

INOVA Microlight!


Inova LED Flashlight Image Of Inova LED Flashlight

Inova T4QM-HB Rechargeable 5 Function LED Flashlight Great light bought it for work. The higher beam is great for gettin someone's attention from a lon distance and the lower settins are great for searchin in vehicles/&to.

Strobe is great for disorientin an aggressive person. Great light all around and the battery works through the entire shift without havin to be charged. The fact it comes with a car-charger helps in the event it does die on you.

This is very pricey for a flashlight but I was tired of the cheaper rechargeables constantly dyin on me, so I went for it. It's a great light but I don't know what it is about these LED lamps- they get REALLY hot.

After usin the light for about 15 minutes straight, it began to get uncomfortably hot and difficult to hold. I had to turn it off and set it down to cool before I could use it again.

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

INOVA LED Flashlight!



Fenix Light

Flashlight Battery



Whether you expect to be bugging out, or standing firm, alone, or with your family, or your group, the sun has energy to offer you.

For bugging out, the applications, that you will be able to use, will be mostly electric photovoltaic survival items, or else solar cookers.

If you are staying put, then either solar panel electricity or solar hot water will keep you free from high fuel costs for stored gas for generators, oil for maintenance, and other resources that may not be so renewable.

Solar electric is a great way to run your appliances, and solar heat and a solar water heater mean, for you, smart use of free solar energy.



You must possess several of these emergency blankets. They are extremely versatile.

They are offered in several forms. There is the lightweight disposable tightly wrapped space blanket, about the size of a thin sandwich.

There is also the reinforced restrenthened reusable space blanket, with grommets. It is your friend. Keep it in your survival kits.

If you have the space, and you can tolerate the weight, an emergency blanket could be useful in your first aid kit too.


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