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Individuals are confused on 'What to get?' and 'Which is the better?', in relation to solar power panels.

Companies worldwide will work continuously to find better and much more effective ways to produce and distribute solar technology.

Although all of the solar companies claim that their panels work most effectively, it is just a little tough to compare solar power panels and judge that one particular brand is the better one of many others.

Some panels may be at the pinnacle in a few categories, while they may be in the bottom in some other categories. No specific panel is on the top in every category.


Below Is That, Which You Will Discover, IN THIS INDEX!

  1. Solar Cost

  2. Solar Power Systems

  3. Buy Solar Panels For Electricity

  4. Solar Heating Panels


  6. Solar Systems For The Home

  7. Solar Kits

  8. Portable Solar Power

  9. Solar Cells For Sale


  11. Solar Power Generator

  12. Solar Installers





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  • Solar Powered Battery Charger!
  • Solar Powered Flashlight!
  • Solar Powered Radios!
  • Solar 55 Gallon Shower 100 Degrees!





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This leans upon whether you want residential, passive solar, portable, or other. I will give you satisfaction on this page, whatever it is, whereafter you search.

Are you looking for heat, or electricity, or both? In the case of portable solar power, you may want it to cook with, or to make electricity for your portable gear.

Do you want to remodel, build from scratch, or add solar panels to the outside of a buildin that already is?

Be sure to check your tax laws in USA -- the cost of solar power is deductible from local to IRS levels.

White Paper Offer Image



Solar power systems are becomin more and more commonplace in homes today. They save money as well as to save the environment. They save the environment is by makin use of solar energy and save you money at the same time.

Sunlight is thought to be an inexhaustible energy source, as opposed to many other sources of energy .

Question: When it comes to home solar power why do some choose 24v and others 12v systems?

Answers: It depends. If someone is going to be spendin top dollar for the panels, he/she should just go with the best.

24v would essentially be better in the lon run because it can carry a heavier load, but if you're tryin to save a few bucks get the 12v. However, expect some limitations.

24 is better but 12 is cheaper.


Over the next 25 years solar is expected to be the fastest-growin alternative source of electric energy. Clean power is in great demand. Money is flowin into the solar energy companies, from governments and capital markets, creatin new work and investment opportunities for growth and invention.



I am going to give to you a review of every solar collector that I can find. I will put a date beside the price, so that you can be aware how old is the given price information, price's lore.

But you will be able to get an idea of solar cost from the information, the lore, that I give to you. You will find it when you click the link in the title of this section Solar Collector -- Solar Heating Panels.


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Q:  Must My Solar Electric System Have Batteries?

A:  Batteries are needed only if you want backup electricity in case the grid might go down. Solar power for your residence is mainly meant to be 'on-grid' - that is to say, linked to your utility supplier to lower your need for them, but not wholly turn them out.

Thus, you have 'both' your solar power setup and your company-given electricity for your use at all times, workin in tandem. Any surplus electricity that your setup makes is sent back to the power company, which ends in your bills bein lower.

The possibility, of savin money, by your solar setup, can be both grand and everlastin.



solar kits

Q:  Do they work?  "Build-your-own" energy kits, havin solar panels, or else windmills.

A:  Not nearly as well, as those, made professionally. If you are not a mechanic and an electrical engineer, then let the masters do it for you.

The kits ought to work. If you have high expectations, then you are bound to be disappointed. I mean those little kits, which sell for a few hundred dollars.

Some companies sell serious kits, wherefor you might pay tens, of thousands, of dollars. Those kits hold the same quality materials, that a professional would use. However, to install them, you will need quite a bit of expertise.

If you're goin to hire a professional to install these, then you might, as well, just get everythin from the pro. Many will not install somethin, that they didn't supply, themselves.



portable solar power

Q:  What products will endure for a lon time, hikin and drivin? I need them to able supply electricity, for batteries for camcorders, laptops, and likely some smaller equipment, of the ilk, of iPods, cell phones, &to., and the others.

A:  I am reviewin as many products, for you, as I can find.  Here is a partial list:

solar backpack

solar power portable panels

foldable solar chargers

solar calculators

foldable solar array

briefcase portable solar

hybrid solar chargers for blackberry, iphone, nokia

solar shower


Solar Radios - These often come with other features, such as hand-cranked Image Of Solar Radiobattery chargin, minimal cell-phone chargin for a few callins, and a flashlight.

They are not heavy duty, and should be saved for emergencies, unless you want to replace them often, which would also be oK, so lon as it is oK with you.

Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

Solar Radio!



Whatever you order, through this page, goes to the benefit of the Tru U., and its supporters!





Some whereabouts, such as Arizona, get much more solar energy, than do spots such, as the state, of Washinton.

Here is how you can learn how much sunlight, that falls, on your whereabouts -- when you click on the title, of this section, "Solar Cells For Sale", then you will see "solar insolation" maps of the United states, Australia, and Great Britain.

"Solar insolation" means the number of kilowatt-hours each square meter each day.  

if you live on a slope, it depends also in which direction your slope faces.  Also, whether you are in the shade of a mountain or a hill.

You need to find out how many "Sunlight Hours" you have in your area. that is the measurment used, along with your electric use, to determine the size of your home's solar cells.

There is more than one type of solar panel. Here we key, of photovoltaic panels, which have been usually put on businesses, and on homes. They have been usually stationary and can make electricity only when the sun shines straightly on them.

A hotter climate doesn't raise output, it's the number of hours of straight sunlight. Heat actually decreases the efficiency of solar cells.



solar generator   solar power generator = solar panel, solar cell, SOLAR SYSTEMS FOR THE HOME

Q:  What size, of a solar energy system, would give, to me, 600 watts, of electricity, for 12 hours? What will be the cost, were I to build one?

A:  To obtain 600 watts, you need at least a 600 watt array, of solar panels. The wattage will be less, when the sun is not perpendicular to your panels, so you probably need a 1000 watt system, or, maybe, more.

If you desire 600 watts, without interruption, for 12 hours, you need to be in a whereabouts where you get 12 hours of sun each, and every, day.

You can't build solar energy systems, you have to order them, as they must have a compex factory and chemicals in their makin.

In your whereabouts, if the sun shines not for 12 hours, then could you get a regulator, and a solar battery.

The electricity, from your system's array, will go into the regulator, thence into the battery. Thus you will have a constant supply of electricity.

2011 Figures

the panels [4x 150w] = £4000 = $6437
the regulator [20ah] = £130 = $209
total cost = around £4150 = $6646
- a rough estimate.

That's 12 x 600 = 7.2 kilowatt hours per day.

You can look up your average hours of peak sun per day here:



Great Britain

Note that this is *peak* sun, not how long the day is. For example, in my area of northern california, the peak sun per day is 5 hours, even though we never have days as short as that, even at the winter solstice.

Let's be generous and say that your location is on a desert mountaintop in Arizona, or you only plan to run the array in the summer. We'll say, 7.2 hours of peak sun per day.

7.2 kWh / 7.2h = 1000 w, the size of array needed. This would be 1000w by the PTC ratin. By the label on the panels, this would be more like 1200 watts.

For a grid-tied system, that would be about $7000 after gettin a federal rebate. That would include the mountin system, labor, and an inverter.

If this is off-grid (batteries), double that cost, because you must buy batteries, and rebates will not apply to such systems.

Click the link in the title of this section Solar Power Generator.  There you will find many places, where you can buy them.



solar panel installers   solar panel installer   solar panels installation   solar installers

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