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Here Is That, Which You Will Discover, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. Analysis Of The Most Highly Recommended Survival Kit

  2. Order Of Emergency Priorities

  3. Emergency Kit And Practice Kit - Practice Is Important

  4. Difference Between 72 Hours Survival Kits Versus Bug Out Bags



I have noticed that a lot of folks, while thinkin on survival supply, I have seen them puttin food storage ahead of water.

In many types of disasters, one's abode might be wrecked, leavin one homeless, for the moment.

If there is danger, of exposure to the elements, such as sun, heat, or cold, then shelter becomes the first need. In a mild and temperate climate, shelter may more safely be neglected, in order for you to attend to water.

Water is more important in a strictured situation, it is more important than food.

I would say, don't even think on food, until after you have mastered the arts of supplying yourself with water.

There are 2 grades of water: drinking-and-cooking water, and washing grade.

Nitro-Pak's "Executive Kit" supplies you with more than 6 quarts of water, portioned in 24 pouches. That is a bit more than 2 quarts per day.



It is of utmost importance, that we do not open our survival kit before it is needed, except to refresh any perishable elements in it, such as emergency food, or such as batteries, for examples.

At the same time, it is advisable to plactice our skills plenty, before the time that the disaster may come to us.

Therefore, I recommend that you have 2 survival kits. One kit is stashed for the time of the actual emergency. The other kit is used to practice our skills.


72 Hours Survival Kits Versus Bug Out Bags

There is a distinction to be made, between the 72 hour survival kit, and the "bug-out kit". The principle behind the "bug out bag" presumes that we are going to be displaced, and, perhaps for a longer time, than 72 hours. It is a kit for one who is, for the moment, itinerant, or separated from one's fixed abode.

(more to be read below)

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Nitro Pak Executive 72-Hour Kit!

72 Hour Survival Kit!



Besides having an emergency survival kit, we need also long-term strategies for emergency supply, after the supplies in our kit have been used up. Here I am referring to such ideas as gardening, foraging, and possibly even diplomacy and trade between our group and other groups.

The emergency may last more than 3 days. The kit keeps our mind free to respond to the emergency without being totally occupied with urgent food, shelter, and water demands.

The kit buys us 3 days to work on "bigger issues".

First aid might be needed. A kit is not enough. We ought to take a course & to do weekly or monthly practice with a second kit, to see if we want to add more supplies to our kit. I'll not talk about first aid here, there is a whole department for that topic in this web site.

The topic, of long-term survival food, we should also master, and I have made in this website also a department to help you to think about it.

The biggest preparation, that we can make, is to be part of a team, to pre-arrange a rendezvous point, and to rehearse our skills, such as water purefying and fire-making, long in advance of the arrival of the time of emergency.

The more folks on our team, the more specialists we can have access to. If each member is a specialist, then each of us does not have to learn or master every single skill.

However there should be more than one fire specialist, water specialist, food specialist, first aid specialist, and so on, in case one of them becomes separated from the team by any hap.


Whatever you order, through this page, goes to the benefit of the Tru U., and its supporters!


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72 Hour Survival Kit!


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Here Is What You Will Get In Your Kit:

Premium Quality Water Resistant Nylon Backpack with padded Shoulder Straps

Heavy-Duty Tube Tent Shelter

Deluxe Knucklemender™ 60 item First-Aid Kit

5 Year Shelf-Life Cookie Flavored Food Rations


5 Year U.S. Coast Guard Water Rations

Emergency Space® Blankets

36 Hour Light/Heat Candle

Protective Leather Gloves & Dust Masks


Quality AM/FM Radio

(more below)


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Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit!



Warmth & Shelter in Executive 72 Hour Kits

2 - Compact Emergency USA Made Space® Blankets
1 - Deluxe Heavy-Duty Tube Tent
2 - Emergency Rain/Wind Ponchos
Cooking, Heating, & Light

1 - 36 hr. Emergency Candle
1 - Industrial "AA" Size Flashlight with Batteries
2 - Pair of Hand/Pocket Warmer Heat-Paks
1 - 12 hr. Instant Lightstick

1 - Box of Waterproof Matches (45 matches)


(more below)


Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit!

Emergency Water & Hygiene Items in Executive 72 Hour Kits

24 - Purified Drinking Water Pouches (4.2 ounces each)
18 - Wet-Wipe Packets
2 - Compact Sanitation/Toilet Toilet Rolls
2 - Disposable Sanitation Bags


(more below)


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Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit!

First Aid in Executive Executive 72 Hour Kits

1 - 60 Item Knuckle Mender II™ First Aid Kit w/ Instruction Book


(more below)


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Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit!

Survival Food Items in Executive 72 Hour Kits

2 - 3600 Calorie Cookie Tasting Ration Bars
1 - Bag of Survival Candy
6 - E-mer'gen-C® Energy Drink Packets


(more below)


Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit!

Miscellaneous Emergency Supply in Executive 72 Hour Kits

1 - Premium Heavy Duty Nylon Backpack
1 - 15-Function Swiss Army Style Pocket Knife
1 - Deluxe AM/FM Radio Flashlight w/ Batteries
1 - Emergency Survival Whistle

1 - 50' Nylon Cord
1 - Pair of Leather Gloves (for digging through or clearing debris) or hand warming in cold weather
1 - Writing Pad, Pencil, and Ink Pen

1 - Deck of Playing Cards (time occupier for kids & adult at shelter or if stuck at work or school. Helps time pass much faster).

2 - N95 Hospital Grade Dust Masks


Click below , and you will learn about gettin your own

Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit!




King James 1611 Bible

Guns, weapons


Your keys, for your house and your car

Money -- coins and bills.

Glasses, contact lenses, and lens solution


Warm clothing



Paper & pencil


Emergency phone list

List of folks to be told, if you would be hurt

Important papers, or doubles of them

Toilet articles: comb, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, soap, washcloth, face towel, shampoo, lotion, razor, sanitary products, lip balm, emery board, nail clipper, &tr. (and the rest)


Plastic bags of all sizes

Water purification tablets

Ground cloth (tent floor or poncho would, however, do)

Latex gloves


Crowbar or pry bar

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