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Let's get busy with puttin away your stash of emergency food. We will benefit from a gradual, step-by-step plan, formed by the best experts. There is no space here, to tell you the whole plan, so you are goin to get the main key points.

We know about 2 different types of survival food list, one for your lon term stash, and another to eat immediately, for instance, if you are displaced. Little servin-sized packages of foods ready to be eaten are typical of a short-term stash.

Be sure, that your cache has sundry kinds of edibles. convenience snacks, of the ilk of cheese curls, popcorn, and potato chips, won't soon go bad in storage, but they can't give us much nutrition, nor fill us with vigour and pep.

Both vegetables and fruits have more vitamins and minerals, in comparison with dairy produce and meat.. Beans, nuts, meats, and your dairy-foods are your sources of protein.

The perfect balance of proteins comes from a bond of whole grains and beans, daily. Look to raw walnuts for our quota of omega fatty acids.

Some kinds of vitamins are easily destroyed by the heat, of cookin. Because of the loss of vitamins from cookin, you will need fresh vegetable material, especially green food.

Some, that are easy to be found, are chicory, leaves of alfalfa, field cress, clover leaves, and dandelion greens..

It might be necessary for you to eat some fresh foods, if you want to strenthen your resistance to stress and disease, by sufficient vitamin C..

The needles of pine and spruce will yield vitamin C to water that is either cool, or air temperature, chopped up. It makes a tasty drink. We need to learn to tell spruce and pine apart from other trees.

Red meat is nearly the only food that supplies us with much vitamin B12. We can eat Swiss cheese to get a little bit of vitamin B12. Nutritional yeast and brewer's yeast have, both of them, all the B vitamins.

A good survival food list must have more variety than just food bars. We will do well, to add canned vegetables, nuts, canned beans, dried fruit, jerky, and crackers.

If a date is missin from your food container, write one yourself, with pernanent ink. Use the date when you obtained the food. As the foods come to be old, eat them or give them to poor, and get fresher food.

Now we know what goes into makin a better survival food list. Your next step is to learn, and to follow, the step-by-step plan.









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