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Do You Want To Be A Castaway?

Some folks want to be cast away upon an island, to experience the adventure or to test their skills.

If you want to avoid it, you have 2 techniques, one is to improven your luck, and another is to plan well your travellin.


Bear Grylls Survival On A Deserted Island Near To Hawaii

Below the video you find a summary of Bear's teachins in this video, with comments.

3 children survived on an island by drinkin rain's water, and eatin berries. If you want to be ready, then learn about the wild foods that will be found on your route, or at least carry a moisture-sealed identification guide, with notes made by you.

Now there are more and there are less effiicient ways to collect rain's water or dew. Cloth can absorb water from surfaces, and then be wrung into our mouth. Some plants have concavities tht hold water. See to it aforehand that the concavities are clean, or else purefy the water.

Swimmin to the Shore

Ward your strength.

Use sidestroke to swim. Therefore learn sidestroke and practice it, if you haven't done that already.

Surf in the islands of the Pacific Ocean is strong. Therefore mountin the land is needful of art. As you come close to rocks, the rip current, that comes back off of the rocks, may fight against you. Swim with the current parallel to the land until you find a spot where there is no rip current.

There is more likely to be a rip current while wind be strong. Sometimes you can identify one from the followin clues:

A section of the beach is lower, than is the rest of the beach.

In the rip current, the waves, at the surf's zone, are less high, than in other whereabouts.

Flotsam comin out from the shore.

Sandy water.

Muddy water.

Ordinarily a rip current is no more than 100 feet in width, so take heart. You can go past it soon. It is perpendicular to the shore, and outward bound.

Swim not against the current. Swim parallel to the shore. The current will carry you out about 50-100 yards from the shore. Then will you be able to swim to the side of it, past it, and, then, in to the shore. If you can't swim while you are in the rip current, then float on your back until it will take you to the outside of it.

As you come close to the land, use the breast stroke to keep your eyes above the water. Use them to spot the best whereabouts to go out of the water.

The sun is high and Bear explores the island for the findin of resources, before settin his mind upon water, food, and shelter specifically.


To Mount The Cliffs

This island is surrounded by cliffs. He must mount a cliff. First he looks for a path upward, that has the most handholds and footholds. Push upward with your legs, do not use your arms to propel yourself up the cliff. Your arms guide the direction of your climbin.

Back Down to a Beach

From aloft, Bear sees a beach that appears to be sheltered from wind. He sees also palm trees. Palms may hold food. He goes down to the beach. He must beware of deep chasms in the rocks, hidden by lush undergrowth.

The way down is tall and sheer. Bear climbs the roots of a banyan tree, the roots outside of the cliff and runnin down it. While climbin down, relax. Take your time. Do not move, until you are fully comfortable with your handholds and your footholds. Keep always 3 points of contact with the tree.

On his way to the beach, from the foot of the cliff, Bear finds bamboo, that can be used for shelter or for spears. He takes some bamboo with him on his trip to the beach.

He arrives at the beach, which is in a bay. It is a good whereabouts for basis, and for fishin, says he. His next thought is for water. This is in keepin with the teachin of Family Survivors, get water before food.

Makin Ready the Signal's Fire

"Chances are someone is lookin for you" said he. To assure that you will be sought after, tell your trip's plans to a goodly number of carin and active folks outside of your trip. Though, before the commercial interruption, he said that he would next find water, nevertheless he next makes ready the makins of a signal's fire. He wants it to be as big and as bright as possible, also as easily kindled. He takes a huge armful of dry pines' needles to be used as the tinder.

Other sources say to make a smoky fire in the day's time and a bright fire at night. Much like IHVH, who led us with a pillar of smoke in day's time and a pillar of fire in night. That would mean havin 2 piles of firewood or other substances to be burnt.

Bear makes a tripod of dried palms' fronds above the tinder. To keep the pile dry, and to make smoke, Bear puts green palms' fronds atop the dried ones.

Makin the Evergoin Fire

Next Bear makes a perpetual fire, wherefrom to light the signal's fire, if need be. To make the fire he uses the way of the fire's plough, usin the wood of hibiscus as the base, because it tends to stay drier than other woods. Beware of droppin sweat onto the friction's spot.

First he had made ready a bundle of tinder, and a pile of sticks for the fire, then he made a groove into the hibiscus log or slab with a hard stick, which he rubbed forward fast again and again to make heat in the groove on the slab or log, until it would become hot enough to light the tinder. This is the kind of way that you would want to practice at home until you become good at it, possibly with a group of other folks for encouragement.

Way of the Fire's Plough

Bear straddles the hibiscus log with his knees and feet on the sand, his dominant arm's elbow is cocked back so that the fist that holds the stick is at about his hip, and moves backward and forward from that position, with the other arm holdin the stick near the forward end of it, and pressin it down into the groove of the log. The stick is somewhat sharpened, with not a point but an edge on the end of it. The corner of the edge is set into the groove of the log.

The tip of the stick travels about 2-3 inches. The ember is tipped into the bundle of tinder. Bear waves the big handful of tinder back and forth fast to put it aflame.


Bear said that in the climate, warmth is not a problem. We must be sheltered against wind and against rain. Where there is shade and warmth, we would ordinarily get water next, and not shelter. But the filmmakers wouldn't have it so, although Bear did honor to the propor order with his words before the commercial interruption.

Hibiscus, said he, is the ideal wood. It is abundant in the region, and its leaves are hearts' shapen. The bark can be used for lashin. The bark is smooth. The bark in the video is rather paler than darker. It reminds me of tree of heaven or sumac.

Bear scores the bark transversely at both ends of the intended lashes, then longitudinally to be able to pull it off of the tree, then, to loosen the end of the strip from the tree, he beats it with a heavy stick, then tears it into smaller strips.

Were it not that he wants to be seen on the beach by any ship or plane, he would otherwise abide in the shade of the trees. But, to be seen, he builds a shelter on the beach. First he screws or works the ends of 2 forked sticks into the ground, so that the forks stand about 3 feet high. Next he runs a pole through the forks. Then he runs 2 poles perpendicular to the first pole, at its ends, so that they stand on the ground on one end, and on the horizontal pole on their other end.

Bear lashes all the pole ends fast with the bark of the hibiscus.

Bear Lifts His Spirits

Bear next took a dippin, for no other stated reason, than to lift his spirits. I would do likewise.


Water is available in coconuts. Bear must climb high to get them. He moves his legs up together then his arms up together. Stay away from beneath the coconuts, their fallin can kill. The green coconuts on the tree have much more water than have the older brown ones that have fallen. They are more nutritious as well. They replace the potassium lost in perspiration. They have also vitamin C and carbohydrate.

Spear for Fishin

On the 2nd day, Bear takes a stick of bamboo about an inch thick, and about 6-7 feet long. He wraps bark around the pole about 7 inches from the end then splits the end with an "x" shapen pair of cuttins. Now there are 4 segments in the end, and he sharpens each of them with his knife. He splits them apart by shovin sticks down between them and tyin it up.


Bear dove. Stay away from the crannies and rifts in and between the rocks, for the moray eels there. They are poisonous to be eaten. Bear is swimmin with his shoes on, perhaps in case he may want to walk upon some sharply overgrown surface? It looks as though he repeatedly dove to 20 or 30 feet depth, but perhaps only 15 feet.

He saw a turtle which he says he would have eaten were he also endangered, but that they are on the list of endangered critters, he lets it to be. Now let me point out that God said he will never make his servants to have to rely upon forbidden food. Turtles and shellfish are unclean, so as not to be eaten. Somebody who has taken The Name, or the Baptism in The Name, cannot be made unclean by what they eat. However it is more practical to stay away from unclean critters in our eatin, especially as we have the guarantee that decent food will be had so long as we keep to his law.

So while the stranger employs his time in gettin expertise in the eatin of rats, scorpions, insects, spiders, lizards, and whatnot, we use our time to rehearse with each other the law, and God takes care to provide for us in consequence.

Bear sees a sandbar shark, which is among the least aggressive of sharks. He had foreknowledge whereby to identify the sundry species of sharks.

Shunnin Sharks

Attack is less likely when you are in a group, You are safer closer to shore, in full daylight, not in twilight, Keep yourself out of the water if you bleed or menstruate.

Sharks are thought to see glitter as though it were scales of a fish. Thus, reflective accessories are forbidden, if you want to be safe in the ocean's water. Keep out of polluted water. Keep away from the habitat of fishermen. Stuff in the water would call the sharks thereto. Oft the spots are marked by the divin of birds.

If you dive scubally, then float not, lest you be seen as prey.

Be particularly alert of the water betwixt a bar of sand and a shore, likewise betwixt 2 sandbars. When tide be out, sharks can become trapped in such whereabouts. Sheer declivities harbor the prey of sharks, and, hence, sharks themselves.

Learn to spot the bull shark, the white shark, and the tiger shark, which 3 are the most attackin of them all.


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