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The Kyocera Company


Kyocera Solar Panel

Here you have a typical Kyocera solar panel!


Here are some, of Kyocera's arguments, in favor of their company. I give, to you, the bits that I believe to be truthful and relevant to your searchin. I have edited them liberally:

[posted 11 Feb 2014]

"The sum of makers offerin solar energy things has risen 51% yearly ever since the year 2000.

(" Milestone: 10 Gigawatts of Solar Panels in 2010;")

"Although that kind of fast growin might make for a strong flock of makers, it also means there are many of unfledged makers — makers that haven't put in their time nor become skillful -- unlike Kyocera Solar."

Note from Franklin Holloway: The solar panels business is one of the biggest areas for failed companies. This means that your warranty may be in danger, unless you buy from a company with a long life's time.

Also we must watch out for LLCs who install your panels, or sell them to you, and warrant them, then fold and start up again as a new business with no liability for your system.

More from Kyocera:


"Proven Financial Stability

The KYOCERA GROUP is made up of 212 big merchandisin teams, with more than 60,000 workers.

"In fiscal year 2012, net sales for the KYOCERA GROUP were $14.5 Billion and we've been profitable every year of our operation.

"We were previously rated "Aa3" by Moody's–high quality with very low credit risk (No current outstanding debt!), and can boast of our strong balance sheet. No other solar company has such strength."

Note from Franklin Holloway: This means that your warranty is likely to be honored.

More from Kyocera below video:

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3 Tips When Buyin Solar Panels




Kyocera -- Proven Manufacturing

"Kyocera manufactures and assembles solar cells and modules at its own worldwide production sites using a true vertical integration process called "Chain of Custody."

"This superior approach gives Kyocera complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, producing modules with built-in quality, proven superior field performance, and tight power tolerance.

"Our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001 & 14001, and produce state of the art technology."

Image Kyocera Vertical Integration

Note from Franklin Holloway: This means that your panels and your system will likely be reliable.

More from Kyocera:


"Proven Products

"We've lately celebrated the 25 year anniversary of the Sakura Solar Energy Center.

"This world renowned facility is the site of a Kyocera 43kW Grid-tie System, installed in 1984. This system consists of more than 1000 modules exposed to over 45,000 hours of solar irradiation. Research has proven that these panels have shown a degradation of just 11.9%!

"TÜV Rheinland, the leadin—and toughest—provider of product testin recently completed rigorous performance testin on a number of solar modules. The Kyocera Solar module is the first module to have passed these gruelin long-term tests.

[TÜV Rheinland's website:]

"The results confirm what we already knew: Kyocera continues to outperform the industry, even under the harshest conditions. "

Note from Franklin Holloway: This shows that your products will last and last, as demonstrated by a third-party tester!

More from Kyocera:


"Proven System Performance

"Independent tests show Kyocera Solar has recorded the highest average outputtin of any crystalline module. These tests, done at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, put sundry systems on an even playin field, enablin true and unbiased comparisons of technology performance.

("Desert Knowledge Australia and all associated entities neither endorses nor accepts any legal liability arising from or connected to the outcomes and conclusions associated with the data from the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre. For more information, visit")

"Data gathered from three large-scale power plants usin Kyocera modules in Spain (Salamanca: 13.8MW, Dulcinea: 28.8MW) and Thailand (Korat: 6MW) show that actual power generation has gone beyond the power companies' own fore-installation power output estimates. This shows the real-life high performance of Kyocera's solar modules."

Note from Franklin Holloway: This is proof that you will get a high return from your investment!

More from Kyocera:


"Proven Efficiency

"Kyocera is dedicated to researchin. Kyocera works from a drive to be the best,

"Thus Kyocera has broken the multicrystalline silicon solar cell efficiency world record several times over.

"Also, we've successfully added more to the light-sensitive surface area of our solar cells, lowered resistance and reduced energy loss due to reflection.

"All the above has improven the efficiency of our solar panels.

"We're consistently setting the bar for our industry... and the world is better for it. "

Note from Franklin Holloway: This is more proof that you will get a high return from your investment!



Efficiency: 16.0%

Warranty: 20 years

Standards: UL 1703

Made in: Worldwide

Reputation: 35 Years

Price: $2.50/W



“I've had these solar panels for around four years. I'm really happy with them. Each month I have a low electric bill, and I haven't had to repair or replace any of them, or the companion equiptment.

"I also feel good about knowing I am doing at least a small thing to help out the environment. There isn't any downside to solar panels. With tile roofs, you have to be certain your contracter will get you a replacement for damged tiles if you need, if not, you might have problems with water damage later.

"I try to get anyone who is interested in them to purchase them. I think it would be better for society if everyone had them on their roofs, although I think solar panels used as electrical offsets are great in single family homes too. ”

Whereabouts -- Highland, California, USA



Click on the link, and you will be taken to a page, that looks somewhat like this:

Kyocera Solar Panels

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The Kyocera Company

2014 January 30

Kyocera is a huge Japanese conglomerate. After ww2, the Rockefeller family bought all of the preferred Japanese corporate stock dirt cheap, and put front men at the head of the companies, while keepin their own involvement a secret. Thus, all of the Japan, Inc. companies, that existed after the war were in fact Rockefeller owned.

The "big 4" Rockefeller brothers were secretly assassinated in 1982, and replaced with ringers (body-doubles), and, it is rumored, androids. We can suppose that it was agents of the jesuit order that planned and did the deed.

Kyocera was formed in 1959, so did not exist right after the war, but was formed durin the time of Rockefellers' sway in Japan. Thus we might suppose that whoever took over Japan, Inc. also holds sway over Kyocera, and that would be the vatican. All this is probability, the proof is not in my hands at the time of this keyin.

The president and managing director is Tetsuo Kuba, born February 2, 1954. In 2011 he was paid 111 million dollars in salary and boni. He owns 1,100 shares of the stock. He is chairman of at least 11 of Kyocera's divisions and on the board of others. Somehow the number 11 keeps comin up in his tale.

The president and representative director is Goro Yamaguchi. He holds BE from Doshisha University.

Goro Yamaguchi Image

As a general rule, the freemasonic network does not allow a man to be in such a high position, unless he is obedient to freemasonry, or to some other mighty secret organization. So we might suppose these men to be freemasons, just as the Emperors of Japan have been.

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