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Trapping Index:

  1. The Legal War to Protect Hunting and Trapping

  2. Warding Chickens and Wild Turkey Eggs against Raccoons and Opossums

  3. Warding Livestock and Pets against Fierce Beasts

  4. Trapping for Food 

  5. Trapping for Fur

  6. Books





Family Survivors is in favor of trapping stayin legal.  I do not personally like to cause sufferin if it is not needed.

Animal groups that want to disarm us and ban traps have been more active, well funded, & upheld by the foe's media of communications than we have been.  We need to get busy & overthrow them.

The way to do this is to form a brick or local unit of Family Survivors to uphold the struggle led by Tru Keesey's Joint Networks.

You may qualify to be informed about how to start a brick of Family Survivors in your whereabouts.





Raccoons especially have been very clever about stealin chickens.

One in particular reached through the chicken wire & ate the chicken clearly down to the bone just by pullin the meat through the spaces in the mesh.  He totally cleaned each and every bone.  Hungry he must have been.

It is easy for some folks to hate the stealer of chickens, but if we do, we are only seein a bit of our own selves that we do not like.  It will be luckier for us when we treat the offender kindly.  We kill him if we must, but in the end we will be happier if we do it kindly.

Opossums and raccoons have thumbs.  The "dogproof" trap is a comparatively kind way to trap beasts who have thumbs.  Just be aware if you anchor the dogproof trap to a saplin, the beast may climb and drag the trap over the top of the tree.

One raccoon was found dead with the trap in the saplin's crown, hangin from it by his hand or paw.

It seems that the cage-traps, such as Havahart, work well for opossums while the dogproof traps succeed with raccoons, though we can use either for either.

If you want to read customers' reviewins of dog-proof traps then click here.

If you want to see about buyin them, then go to here.



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and PETS


Such as Bears, Coyotes, Wild Cats, & Wolves

"For one bobcat to live, 5 rabbits must be killed.  For 5 rabbits to live, one bobcat must be killed."  This is the principle that we must drum into the heads of the foe -- the numbers of them who may be able to realize it.

We know about packs of foxhounds, & clubs of folks who follow the hounds on horseback as they chase the fox across the landscape.  They are our friends.

There are others who have been in the habit of deliberately interferin with such foxhunts, & have been so influential as to get them to have been banned by law in England.  They have called themselves "hunt saboteurs" & have been highly funded by the anti-White financiers & upheld by the anti-White media of communication.

Ultimately the goal of those who have been backin the saboteurs is to disarm us and to painfully exterminate us.  Most of the saboteurs we expect know nothin of the goals whereto their ill-thought-out doins have been meant to be led.

A "one interest" lobby, such as the NRA, is not suitable to resist such a big movement.  Here is where Tru Keesey's Joint Networks is perfectly designed to handle such threats, but only with your support.  Form a brick, or local unit of Family Survivors.

When coyotes haved moved into an area, they have eaten most of the red foxes, & have become a greater threat to wild game, to pets, to children, & to livestock than the foxes were.

It is for that reason that Family Survivors encourages you to liaison with your nearest pack of foxhounds or foxhuntin club to convert them from huntin foxes to huntin coyotes, even on your property.  Also you will be helpin our cause right much if you can get them to check out the possibility of formin a brick in Tru Keesey's Joint Networks. 

Personally, if you have a practical need to warden your livestock against bears or cougars, I like the notion of huntin them with packs of bearhounds, such as Great Danes or Plotthounds, possibly on horseback.

This article is supposed to be about trappin, I know, but to me it seems to be much kinder to take out a beast in the excitement & adrenaline of a chase than to restrain him in a painful clamp for hours or even days.

So that is why the alternatives are presented here, so you might not need the use of the crueler methods.  Remember that the kinder that we are, the luckier and healthier we eventually become, after a while.

Whatever you order, through this page,

goes to the benefit of the Tru U., and its supporters! 


 Our heavenly Father has promised to us that we'll never need to eat bugs, rats, nor reptiles so long as we obey the injunctions that he has caused to be written down for us.

He has promised to ever bestocken us with good & clean foods.

Did Paul Say to Eat Indiscriminately?

Now some may quote Paul, ambassador of Jesus, who said to eat, & not to ask ingredients of meat offered by a slaughterin house nor by a host of a meal.

In Paul's time, James was the leader of the local population.  Paul was a converted top general of the Roman army, who was of mixed ancestry.  If you know about the controversy between Paul & James, then you know that it went so far as to cause Paul to toss James off of the wall of the temple, whereby James was nearly killed.

This we need to understand in order to understand what Paul said about food, and what we ought to do about the laws in the Holy Writ, when we pick which beasts are to be our foods.

Controversy was about the Initiated Experience, not about Nutrition

The controversy was about whether initiates should be told that they must obey Torah, the injunctions of "God".  Some of these injunctions involve the pickin of which beasts we use for food.  The controversy applies only to initiates.  You are not an initiate unless you have been given the Knowledge of Inner Peace by Prem Rawat.  James insisted that initiates must be required to obey Torah, & Paul insisted that Torah was to be left behind.

To Whom does Torah Apply?

Torah is a contract ("testament") between "God" & the Children of a man named "Israel".  The new contract ("testament") is with the Children of the former Southern Kingdom of Judah (largely the European nobility) & the Children of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (primarily the Children of the Reformation) both mainly relocated to the New Land foretold to King David years earlier.  All of this is taken from scripture (Holy Writ).

Paul's concern was the impression and the burden that would be made upon initiates who were not jews, if they were required to obey Torah.  If so many extra and new and strange rules were required of them, then they might be turned off to receivin and practicin the Highest Experience of Satisfaction.  Paul taught that the Knowledge of Inner Peace (which has been translated as "faith") will fulfill a person no matter what the person eats.

In other words, Paul was not a priest of the Torah, but was an ambassador of the Knowledge of Inner Peace, & insisted upon showin that it did not require obedience to Torah.

Then what Good is Torah?

In the Holy Writ it is made to be clear that obedience-to-Torah brings specific rewards to the Children of a man named "Israel", but is nowhere linked to the experience of the initiation in The Knowledge.

For our purposes it brings the promise that we'll never be forced by circumstances to eat bugs, rats, lizards, nor other forbidden foods.

Family Survivors approves of followin the Torah's laws of food, and concedes that the experience of The Knowledge is not dependent upon it.

In order to receive the promise of the Heavenly Father, that we will always be supplied with good, clean, approven foods, Family Survivors, to be obedient to him, does not encourage the trappin of nutria, bobcat, bear, catfish, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, pika, opossum, crayfish, lobster, crab, boar, nor any other unclean & forbidden beast or creature for food.

What we accept is the trappin of approven birds, beasts with parted hooves that chew cud, & any other approven species.  Among them would be wild goats & sheep, moose, elk, caribou, antelope, turkey, & deer, if you can manage it without attractin the hostility of the freemasonic counterfeit legal system.


In consideration of scripture (Holy Writ), Family Survivors takes no side in this controversy, except to remind that kindness eventually improvens our luck & our health.


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I spent a good while lookin at the customers' reviewins of books about trappin, and found that they are all outdated and don't have the newest lore in them.  Now some of them are good for primitive emergency methods of trappin and I intend to find out for you which ones those are.

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